A Luxury Home

A Luxury Home

Luxury Listings

What qualifies a home as a “luxury listing”?

Luxury homes are typically over 4000 sq. ft., have a list price north of $1 million, have large interiors with grand views, sprawling exteriors and feature high-end finishes and amenities. 

While I use the same high-end techniques for all of my real estate photography, I use a different price structure for luxury listings to reflect a service that is tailored for each unique home and accounts for the extra time required in shooting a luxury home. 

For luxury homes I will:

  • Schedule the shoot around the best time of day to capture a particular view, or make a return trip when the view is clear

  • Make sure large interior spaces are well lit and look great

  • Include detail shots of architectural highlights and high-end amenities

  • Take extra time in Photoshop to make sure the grass is green, skies are clear and interiors are immaculate

  • Take extra time in staging magazine-like images—the likes of which buyers would expect to see in Architectural Digest or Dwell

A luxury home takes planning to get the best images. I ask that you make time for a 20 minute walk-through prior to the shoot so we can discuss what needs to be captured and the number of photos that will be produced.