I’m an Inland Empire-based photographer that specializes in real estate photography. 

My interests and education over the years have swirled around art, architecture, design and photography. A few years ago, I found myself between jobs and in a bit of a career funk—I wanted to do something creative that also served a purpose. I thought to myself, “you know, shooting photos for people would be something fun to do until I find another job.” Shortly after expressing this to my family, an opportunity came up to photograph a million-dollar home for a top realtor… Not only did I find the work fun, but it was exactly what I was looking for creatively.

From there, Robertson Photography was born!

My mission for Robertson Photography is simple: to provide the best photographic services for realtors in the Inland Empire. From photography to video tours of homes, portraits and agent headshots, it’s my goal to give realtors the tools they need to look sharp and professional and SELL!

Give me a call or drop me an email. I’m eager to help you by capturing photos of your listing that not only document, but complement and highlight its beauty, inviting buyers to come and take a closer look. 

I'm a proud father of two young boys and lucky to have a wife that’s so supportive of this endeavor. Your business helps my small family and is greatly appreciated.