About Me


You’re here because you need professional photos of your property so that you can not only grab people’s attention, but also attract a wider audience and sell at a higher asking price than you would otherwise be able to achieve with basic iPhone snapshots.

So why hire me? While new to this market, I have a diverse background in the arts which gives me an eye for meticulous compositions and natural looking images. In school I studied art, architecture, interior design, and 3D modeling. In addition to years behind a camera as an enthusiast, I have assisted world class architectural photographer, Lance Gerber, soaking up techniques that take years to develop. On top of all that, I have decades of Photoshop experience.

Simply put, my focus is 100% on great photography.

Check out my portfolio of images on this website. I’m eager to help you by capturing photos of your property that not only document, but complement and highlight its beauty, inviting viewers to come and take a closer look.

I'm a proud father of two young boys and lucky husband. Any business I get helps my small family and is greatly appreciated.