Under 1300 sq. ft.


1300–1800 sq. ft.


1800–2800 sq. ft.


2800–3500 sq. ft.

Each price point includes one trip to the listing (1), and as many photos as are required. Each home is different but I find I typically take the following number of photos:

  • 10–15 photos for homes under 1300 sq. ft.

  • 15–20 photos for homes between 1300–1800 sq. ft.

  • 20–30 photos for homes between 1800–2800 sq. ft.

  • 30–40 photos for homes 2800–3500 sq. ft.

For my interior photos I utilize professional equipment and lighting techniques which give crisp and natural looking results—without the distortion and artificial looking colors often associated with wide-angle and HDR photography. 

My exterior photos are carefully composed and are edited in Photoshop to have a natural balance between shadows and highlights.

Aerial photography from a drone is included at no extra cost! (2)


Other Services

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Twilight Images



Cinematic Home Tours



Portraits & Headshots

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Luxury Listings

For luxury listings, larger properties, or historical homes, contact me for a quote.

  1. Return trips are $50/ea.

  2. Location and weather permitting. Drones are restricted in and nearby certain areas such as airports, military bases and national parks.