My pricing is simple:

  • $15/ea. for interior photos

  • $13/ea. for exterior photos, including aerial images from a drone

  • $50/ea. for twilight images

  • $250 for video tours

I have a $175 minimum, which is 10 interior photos + 2 exterior photos.

Why do you charge more for interior photos?

Simply, because they take longer to shoot and edit afterwards. For my interior photography I use professional lighting techniques which give a much more crisp and natural result than someone simply relying on single exposures or HDR techniques. 

Why do you charge more for twilight images?

Twilight images require scheduling at a very specific time of day, require careful attention to lighting and more work in Photoshop. Often they necessitate a sky replacement for maximum effect. If the property calls for it, the results can be spectacular and really make your listing pop!

How many photos do I need for my listing?

Typically, I deliver 8-10 images per 1000 sq. ft. 

Why do you charge per image?

I set my pricing per image instead of charging for a certain number of photos for a set price, or charging by sq. ft. because every property is different. I’ve shot 6000 sq. ft. homes that had relatively few rooms (and didn’t require many photos) and I’ve shot multi-million dollar homes that are well under 4000 sq. ft. that justified more attention and more images.

I’m more than happy to limit the number of shots to and work with you to suit your budgetary needs. In my opinion, it’s better to have 12 great photos that draw buyers to book a viewing than 36 mediocre images that cause buyers to skip over the listing altogether! But I’m just a little biased...